Gaydar 360


Have fun and fool your friends with your Android phone and Gaydar 360 App!Use the discreet 360 degree targeting system to pick a target in a room, and then use the app to magically find the gay in the room! ‘oooooh matron!’Ideal prank when in the pub!IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are experiencing problems with the app’s detection feature, this can be a bug which is caused by the phone’s inbuilt compass.To reset the phone’s compass simply:1) Close the Gaydar 360 App2) Hold the phone tight3) Rotate and wave the phone in a figure of 8 motion.This should solve most problems.RATING THIS APP: If you decide to give bad feedback due to it not working for you, please give details of the problem and model of your phone in your feedback. It is in your and our interests to make this product a good one!Thank You – ToxicDog Team. 🙂

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