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*** If you have any problems, email me ****** See the explanation of the registration retrieval here: ***Easy to use calendar application that synchronizes data with Google Calendar.* Adding events by voice (voice recognition),* Innovative data input method* COPY / PASTE event function (clipboard)* Adding new events using Voice Recognition * Instant and easy event browsing (point-to-see method)* Bi-weekly event repetition* Every x days/months/years event repetition* Many other event repetition parameters* Adding events from history log & address book* Shortcuts & widgets* Many settings can be adjusted in the preferences* Two skins (dark and light for registered users)* Attendees (guests) displayed, with their state (yes/no/maybe)* Month change: swipe left or right over the month name in Month View * Day View list of events: double click desired day* Translated to many languagesCurrent list of features can be found on my site: I specially recommend to read the section Tips & Tricks and see the videos presenting the application

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