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GPS to Your Email app is used to send GPS data periodically by secure SSL email or by secure HTTPS post. So that your can track your device anytime. The following is the feature list. 1. Supported GPS data. Latitude. Longitude. Altitude. Bearing. Speed. Accuracy. Address: The address is calculated from the GPS location data. GMT time: All the logs are recorded with GMT time, so that you don’t need to worry the time zone issue. 2. Supported phone data. Phone number. Device ID. Network operator name. SIM operator name. SIM serial number. Device name: Your can set the customized device names for your different devices. Please note some operator locked some of the phone data. So that this app may get empty data in some fields. 3. Send GPS data to your email. 3.1 Only support secure SSL SMTP email server to protect your data. We suggest using GMAIL account. 3.2 Send multiple emails. For example, you can send two GPS emails to "" and "" by using “;” to separate different emails. 4. Send GPS data to web service. 4.1 Only support secure HTTPS post to protect your data. 4.2 You can view your GPS logs in the following URL. 5. System setting. 5.1 Your can set the period to send GPS logs in the background service. For example, every 60 minutes.And the minimum period is 10 minutes. 5.2 Please note some devices will force the background service to sleep when the device is not connected to DC power. The log period may be longer because of this limitation from your device. If you would like to prevent this problem, please change “setting->power->power saver settings” to enable background data and Wi-Fi. 5.3 You can set different device name to identify different mobile devices. 5.4 You can set to use 3G network positioning only to save the power of your mobile device. But the accuracy of 3G network positioning is not as good as GPS receiver. 6. Map display. 6.1 You can also view the map graph in this app. 7. GPS data buffer. 7.1 When the network is not available, the GPS data will be stored in device database. After the network is available, this app will send the stored GPS data. That means the history GPS data will not be lost. GPS to Your Email app is the product of LIDAR software technology. If you have any question about this product, please send email to us. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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