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GeoChirp is a Twitter and Google Maps mashup developed by CueBlocks, that lets you filter tweets based on your geo-location and key phrases. GeoChirp allows you to easily find Tweeples within 1 mile to 100 miles radius of any location in the world. You can search on specific phrases and see who is talking about them in their tweets, within any location of interest to you.With GeoChirp Android app, you'll be able to not only find tweets around you but also view profiles of those tweeting, send follow requests and tweet too!Using GeoChirp Android App 1.Read what people around you are talking about / care about / find worth sharing2.Know what is popular at that particular time in a particular area3.Filter and find tweets that interest you by using the search option4.Find people with common interests around you and take action immediately by following them or sending a tweet5.Translate tweets – language is not a barrier!6.Keep track of what people are saying about you, your product, company, sport, favorite author, actor, book, eating joint, traffic, weather, auction, concert, availability of tickets and more! 7.Find potential customers – if you are a home delivery joint, find out whose hungry. If you have great christmas gifts to offer, suggest to those looking for suggestions! :)8.Excellent tool for online reputation management – need to customize GeoChirp for your needs? Contact us!9.Find out how popular a movie is or the impact of a news item around you!GeoChirp can be used very effectively for online reputation management and understanding the trends in a particular location and even the public response to a particular event / news / launch etc. # Features of GeoChirp:* You do not need a twitter account to use GeoChirp Android app* You do not need to log into your twitter account to use it either* If you have a twitter account, you can use GeoChirp Android app to follow people and tweet!Easy Usage: GeoChirp is free and very easy to use. You do not need a twitter account to start GeoChirping. You do not need to login to use GeoChirp either. But if you do want to follow users or tweet, GeoChirp has the option built it!Define Radius: You can define the geographical radius using the 'Search Radius' widget provided. Zoom in to 1 mile or increase the radius range to 100 miles and find other Tweeples.Change Locations: You can target GeoChirp to any location on Earth and start GeoChirping. By default it takes you to your current location. This location change can easily be done by clicking on the Location link on the top left side of the menu, and then using Google maps to change. E.g. if you are based in Moscow, but want to find find tweeples within a 10 miles radius of an address in London, you can easily do that.Latest Results: While you are GeoChirping, you can hit the 'Refresh' bar to see the latest results. This ensures that you get real time data at all times.Language Translation: Translate the tweets you see, to any language you desire. The Translate feature will make the experience of GeoChirping very useful for everyone and also help bridge the barrier of language in communicating and understanding the Twitosphere. Let’s say you are checking out tweets of users in any specified region and see tweets in another language, which you want to be translated to a language you are more comfortable with. You can now easily and ’selectively’ translate these tweet results to, let’s say, French (or any other language you desire) on GeoChirp.We hope you continue to enjoy GeoChirping!

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