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The honor roll is a good place to be.Let "Geometry Pro" serve as your portable tutor. This application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials and solvers, crafted by a professional math tutor with over 20 years of applied mathematics and teaching experience. This application covers:- Perimeter- Area- Volume- Segments and Lines- Distance Between Points- Distance from Point to Line- Law of Sines- Law of Cosines- Similar Triangles- Congruent Triangles- 30-60-90 Triangles- 45-45-90 Triangles- Medians- Altitudes- Perpendicular Bisectors- Orthocenters- Circumcenters- Centroids- Circles- Quadrilaterals- Regular Polygons- Logic Statements- Postulates and Theorems- ProofsI welcome all comments, questions, and suggestions:lfeldman65@gmail.comI will answer your math questions for free on facebook: check out my other Android apps:ACT Math PrepAlgebra ProCalculus ProFinite Math ProMath Pro (6 math apps for $1.99!)PreCalculus ProProbability ProSAT Math PrepStatistics Pro

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