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Attention All Passengers! Board the plane and begin your quest! With Geometry Quest you travel the world solving geometry problems that increase in difficulty with each city. Be careful not to lose all of your passports or you will have to revisit the city to gain more knowledge. Your worldly adventure will cover geometry concepts such as categorization of shapes, area, perimeter, lines, types of angles, angle measurement, volume, circumference, coordinates, symmetry and the Pythagorean Theorem. In this light version of the game you can visit the first city! Bugaboo Math Games wishes you a safe and educational journey!• Animated character gives hints on solving problems• Passport stamps awarded for perfect quests• Successfully solving a city unlocks the next city on the map• Covers Common Core Standards: 3MD, 3G, 4MD, 4G, 5MD, 5G, 6G, 7G, 8G• No ads• No in-app purchases or links to the webThe topics covered in this geometry app include: Pythagorean's theorem, angles, shapes, area, volume, perimeter, circumference, coordinates, isosceles triangles, concrugent triangles, lines of symmetry, parallel lines crossed by a transversal, slope.

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