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Description:Registration of accounts - In the registration the user will be able to fill the account description, value, maturity, when you want to be notified about the expiration of the account and the option whether to save the docket number of the account.Save the docket number - To save the docket number of the account application will use the Barcode Scanner, there you will take a picture of the ticket and will return the number of the barcode of the ticket and shall be saved in the register. Importantly, not all the slips can be read, for example, bank bills to be a limitation of the API zXing. But the reading of the bill will be an optional feature and not necessarily mandatory for the user.View all - With this feature the user will be taken to a screen that corresponds registered accounts in the current month. It will display all accounts of the current month, ie, those that have already been paid and if there is yet to win. It allows the user to filter what you want to view this screen you can choose whether he wants to see all accounts, only accounts payable or accounts already paid. Exhibited are the account description, value and expiration date.Edit Account - If the user is on-screen display of the accounts and click on top of any account he may choose between the options: Change Account, remove account or cancel the edit operation. If you choose to change the account will be taken to the edit screen and you can change the account fields (description, value, expiration date, the time to be notified about the salary and number of the bill) or brand - and it pays. If you choose to remove the account it will be deleted.Generation of graphics - The user can generate a bar graph comparing the accounts every month of the current year, ie a graph showing how much has had in January, February and so on until December.Is it also possible to generate a pie chart that will contain the monthly bills already paid and the monthly bills that have not been paid in order to provide the user the possibility of comparison of what he has paid and what remains to be paid.Notification Counts - Once registered the user the time you want to receive notification of the account, it will be alerted and have the following options: Remind me later, mark as paid, banks look closer, a reschedule date to be notified send notification by SMS or email.If the account is marked as paid the notification will not be sent.Location of the nearest bank branches - The application will capture the point that the user is in the vicinity and look for the bank account to be paid.Sending SMS or Email - Is it possible to be notified that the user send the notification by SMS or e-mail notification will contain the registered account (description, value, expiration date and docket number if any).Generate notification of accounts - The user clicks the Generate Notification accounts can select as many accounts as you wish that were not paid, then the user will display all the contacts in your phonebook and it will be able to select which contacts they want to receive this notification, after Therefore, he can choose between sending such notification by email or SMS, in both cases a message will be created that will contain all accounts he selected with description, value and expiration date, as well as their total value accounts, appears also people who have been selected (names) and how each one will have to pay, ie the accounts divided by the total number of people, which is useful for notifying people who share expenses, such as , republics.Developed by:Caina OliveiraLuiz Carlos FerreiraGustavo BernardesUéslei Pivoto

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