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German Presenting, a new Android app, has been created by the award-winning Bremen based Mobilinga GmbH. Combining both language and commercial management expertise, Mobilinga’s Business German series is designed around typical business scenarios that you might encounter. German Presenting has been designed by native German and English speakers with the the experience hundreds of meetings in DAX30 and FTSE 100 companies across the management consulting, telecoms, computer software ,and media industries. The product has been made to give you the most important words and phrases you will need to be able to confidently orgnise and take part in German business presentations. Topics covered include: introductions, connecting with your audience, making your presentation interactive, signposting, taking questions, talking about products, talking about projects, and ending strongly. Presenting, whether virtual or face-to-face, is a critical part of doing business. Any skilled executive needs to know how to run and make their presentations memorable and engaging. Take the opportunity to improve your presentation skills today with Mobilinga’s German Presenting.Related products General Business German German MeetingAbout Mobilinga Based in Bremen, with a team drawn from many nationalities, Mobilinga GmbH has a simple mission: to help everyone in the world that has a smartphone to learn a new language. To date Mobilinga has released over one hundred products in markets across the world.

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