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The best paid apps for FREE!Today EARN TO DIE is available for 0$. Hurry up! This is not an evaluation version, this is the FULL version. Enjoy our suggestion :)HOW DOES IT WORK?In Get Free Apps we recommend an app, handpicked for you. Elsewhere, you have to pay for it, but we give it to you for free. All you have to do is buy the app as you always do, and then we will transfer to your PayPal account what you paid for it, forget giving your VISA!. As easy at it sounds.Sometimes we are offering a big discount, exclusive for you, and also apps that are already free, but our recommendations are mainly paid apps with no charge B-)INSTRUCTIONS1.- Type your PayPal email in the "Settings" tab and save changes2.- Press the "Download" button if our recommendation likes you. It links to the Google Play Store official’s market app page3.- Purchase the promoted app with your Google Wallet account. You pay $1, for instance4.- Wait for 20 minutes till the system verifies your purchase. You can use the promoted app or even switch off the phone, but it’s important to finish the installation and don’t force Get Free Apps to close while downloading, and do not disable push notifications!5.- You will receive a notification when the refund is made. Following the previous example, you’ll get your $1 back :)NOTE: If you don’t have typed a valid PayPal email, you will receive the instructions to sign in into PayPal, and your balance will be transferred when you finish the sign-in process.REQUIREMENTSYou need to activate a credit card in your Google Play Store account, and own a verified PayPal account (business or personal). If not, you won’t be able to purchase the promoted app and we cannot refund your money 🙁 Verify these points before installing Get Free Apps and rate the app. Also, the app is only available in the United StatesIT IS LEGAL AND LEGITThere’s no need to download suspicious apps anymore. In Get Free Apps you download them straight from Google. You will have the warranty and updates from the real developers. Also, we have recently won a PayPal worldwide contest, held by the Mobile World Congress. They are totally supporting our initiative!IT IS JUST FOR YOUOnly for the lucky users of Get Free Apps: you will get the promoted app for free, others will pay for it in the meantime. You’ll see how your friends die of envy 😉 But you can eventually invite them!Only a United States serviceFollow us at or @gfreeappsReport bugs, suggestions, effort or your wishlist at support@getfreeapps.netIn addition to our commitment to customers, we’re committed to following Google Play™guidelines to full extent. We do NOT provide .apk files for free. We allow you to “buy” paid apps for FREE!

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