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PLEASE READ 'GUIDE TO USING LIVE WALLPAPERS' AT THE END OF THIS DESCRIPTION'Get Laid' Tablecloth Live Wallpaper for AndroidGingham Edition! - Wanna get Plaid?.. Get Laid!This application will add the sophistication you always dreamed of to you desktop.A shake of your device will instruct 'Get Laid' to design (using applied mathematics and artificial taste - making the possibilities practically endless) and sew a brand new Gingham Tablecloth whenever you feel like a change (or when you need, if guests drop 'round unexpected!).Old-fashioned and right up to the minute, 'Get Laid' is beautiful, mesmerising and colourful!The supplied AppWidget (long press on your desktop/Widgets/'Get Laid' Wallpaper Control Widget) lets you tell 'Get Laid' which is your favourite colour and also allows you to fine-tune Tablecloth generation to maximize your personalization.You will be amazed at the diversity of linen on offer with 'Get Laid' Tablecloth Wallpaper.A must have application for anyone interested in country kitchen, retro chic, fabrics, textiles, design, sewing, needlework, breakfast, lunch, high tea, fine dining, dinner parties, picnics, etiquette, color, patterns, tartan, blankets and upholstery.Treat your dinner guests to the best. They'll be amazed... YOU'LL be amazed.'Get Laid' today!GUIDE TO USING LIVE WALLPAPERSOnce installed, a live wallpaper needs to be selected from among the other wallpapers on your phone.To do this, press the menu button on your phone (see your phone's manual if you are unsure which button this is, but it may say 'menu' or appear as a few horizontal lines)When your phone menu appears it will include a 'Wallpaper' icon. Press this.The next window that appears will be a list that includes at least 'Gallery' and 'Live Wallpaper'. There may or may not be others, but it is 'Live Wallpapers' we want. Press this.'Get Laid' Tablecloth Wallpaper might be at the very top of the list of Live Wallpapers installed on your phone. You may not be able to read the entire title, as it is a reasonably long name!Press 'Get Laid' Tablecloth Wallpaper and you will see a demonstration of the application straight away, with a button at the bottom of your screen that says 'Set wallpaper'When you're ready, press 'Set wallpaper' and you're done. Try shaking your phone to get new designs or read on and install the AppWidget supplied.TO INSTALL THE 'GET LAID' APP WIDGETSimply 'long press' (hold down for a few moments) on a blank part of your phone's home screen (i.e. a part showing your current wallpaper, which might be a nice Tablecloth now!).A list appears which includes 'Widgets' as an option. Press this.Again 'Get Laid' Wallpaper Control Widget may be the first item in the list you get. Press thisAny further dialog screens may depend on the specific version of android you are using, but pressing 'okay' to these without further changes should be fine and the widget will appear, with any other widgets and icons on your phone.

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