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Simply the most advanced ghost detector available — EVER!With this ghost detector we’ve applied our complex algorithms along with input from your device to talk to AND SEE ‘the other side’. This app can detect any nearby entity through the emission of energy. After triangulation the ghost detector can locate paranormal activity and display location in its radar. The EVP and EMF meters will also analyzes electromagnetic fields.What will YOU see? The byproduct has to be seen to be believed.What causes the results ?Could it be ghosts ?To use the app, place a finger over the pan & scan radar. Pay attention to the feedback on the right. Note the sensor needle’s behavior as you focus the on areas and objects. When the needled spikes, lock on to that area. Review the back scatter noise on the screen. Then, wait for the red response.Ghost Communicator 2013 features:* Live Video display showing you what ghosts the communicator can ‘see’* Live Audio playback of what ghosts the communicator can ‘hear’* Interactive sweep radar displaying location of ghosts .* Analog meter to measure what ghosts the communicator can ‘sense’* Real-time onscreen numeric display of information. This app is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee paranormal activities that you detect using this app.This app does not provide true Ghost Communication functionality.Disclaimer:The creators of this app cannot be held responsible for any consequences that result from the use of this app.PLEASE USE IT RESPONSIBLY!

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