Ghost Detector / Hunter


Something is happening around you? Weird stuff is going on? Now it is time to find to ghosts and hunt them down once it for all. This impressive radar may show the closest ghost location within a 50 meter range and it can lead you to them.Additionally, 6 different ghost attractor sounds were chosen to intimidate the ghosts. You will find and hunt the ghost down SOLDIER. SUPPORTS – All screen resolutions (Low, MD, hd, xhd) – All types of devices PERFORMANCE AND ADVANCED BACKGROUND MANAGEMENT – Battery saving and performance (Designed for low memory usage by disposing unused items in real-time) – Improved device independent pixel (DIP) management (Real-time resizing due to screen resolution and orientation) – Place management (Calculates the best fitting location due to device resolution) LEGAL ISSUES Copyrights are vital for us, we always try to be carefully about this serious issue it requires we buy the licenses (Regular/Standard/Extended licenses) and we give all credits to respectful owners. (Please find more detail in application, go to Live Wallpaper Settings > Legal Section). CUSTOMER SERVICE Contact us for any problems, improvements, extra features or license proofs on HORSEMASTERTECH (HMT) LABS Please enjoy our free live wallpapers, apps and gamesADSWe try to provide enjoyable and free applications for our users. In order to keep providing these applications, we chose to advertisement revenuemethods for our financial costs.In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are integrating a search tool to our application. This will add a few access points to your device (hence the permissions) to direct you to the web search service. Please consider using the search to help us keep creating apps. You may delete the search icon, bookmark and homepage easily. Thank you.

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