Glowing Red Lightning Skull LP


<div id="doc-original-text">Red Glowing Lightning Skull Live Wallpaper<p>NEWLY UPDATED: Now has Sounds on screen tap. Tap the screen to hear a Loud Thunderous Sound.<p>Features:<p>*Tap Screen to Play Thunder Sound<br>*Settings Screen to Turn Sounds Off/On<br>*Settings for frames per second<br>*App2sd Card Support<br>*New Fresh Source Code more stable and better compatibility<br>*Instructions for an easy No Hassel Live Wallpaper installation and setup with new LWP Picker Shortcut Button<p><p>You will surely enjoy this live wallpaper that shows an evil looking skull glowing in the night, along with lightning flash effects. This is one of the best Live Wallpapers I have ever seen, you will truely enjoy this amazing masterpeice of work. <p>Tested and working on eclair, froyo, and gingerbread with phones that support live wallpapers.<p>Skull, cross bones, pirate, lightning wallpaper, abstract, art, nature, scenes, scenery, glow, glowing, glowing effects, radioactive, skulls, fire, goth, gothic, lightning thunder storm, thunderstorm, thunderbolt, halloween</div>

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