Everything you get from a traditional test prep book PLUS one-on-one instruction covering all the math on the GMAT.YourTeacher – GMAT Math Prep Course******“It’s like a private math classroom, but you are the only student.”John"I just love YourTeacher and the way you explain things. I felt like I was in a classroom instead of just looking at examples."Diane"I’m using YourTeacher as a college grad who is practicing for the GMAT. I am reviewing all the algebra, etc. that I learned in high school but have forgotten since then."Sallie"I am using YourTeacher to study for the GMAT. I really need 1:1 instruction and this is a great help."Denine"I’m going to be taking the GMAT and need help stretching back to the basics. It’s clear and concise and it really helps. Thanks!"Maura******Need more than practice problems to get ready for the GMAT?YourTeacher’s GMAT Math Prep Course provides everything you would get in a traditional test prep review book (i.e. written practice problems, reading material, etc.) PLUS the one-on-one instruction you need to truly learn the math covered on the GMAT.Our lessons include:-Multiple video example problems(similar to how a teacher starts class at the board by explaining the examples from the textbook)-Interactive practice problems with built-in support(similar to how a teacher assigns practice and walks around the class providing help)-A Challenge Problem(similar to how a teacher assigns a higher level problem which students must work on their own to prove mastery)-Extra problem worksheets(similar to how a teacher assigns additional problems for homework)-Review notes(similar to how a teacher provides summary handouts or refers you to your textbook)******GMAT Math Prep Course – Scope and SequenceYourTeacher’s GMAT Math Prep Course covers the exact math you need to ace the GMAT.CHAPTER 1: WHOLE NUMBERS & INTEGERSExponentsDivisionOrder of OperationsAddition PropertiesMultiplication PropertiesComparing IntegersAddition and SubtractionMultiplication and DivisionOrder of OperationsEvaluationAbsolute ValueCHAPTER 2: FRACTIONSDivisibility RulesFactors and PrimesPrime FactorizationMultiples and Least Common MultiplesGreatest Common FactorIntroduction to FractionsEquivalent Fractions (Part I)Lowest TermsEquivalent Fractions (Part II)Improper Fractions and Mixed NumbersComparing Proper FractionsComparing Mixed Numbers and Improper FractionsWord ProblemsAdding and Subtracting Like FractionsAdding and Subtracting Unlike FractionsMultiplying FractionsDividing FractionsCHAPTER 3: DECIMALSConverting Decimals to FractionsConverting Fractions to DecimalsComparing DecimalsAdding DecimalsSubtracting DecimalsMultiplying Decimals by DecimalsDividing Decimals by DecimalsPowers of TenConverting from Scientific to Standard NotationConverting from Standard to Scientific NotationCHAPTER 4: EXPRESSIONS & EQUATIONSCombining Like TermsDistributive PropertyDistributive / Like TermsTwo-Step EquationsEquations with FractionsEquations Involving DistributiveVariable on Both SidesVariable on Both Sides / FractionsVariable on Both Sides / DistributiveBeginning FormulasAdvanced FormulasCHAPTER 5: WORD PROBLEMSCHAPTER 6: INEQUALITIES & FUNCTIONSCHAPTER 7: LINEAR EQUATIONS & SYSTEMS OF EQUATIONSCHAPTER 8: EXPONENTS & POLYNOMIALSCHAPTER 9: FACTORING & RATIONAL EXPRESSIONSCHAPTER 10: RADICALS & QUADRATICSCHAPTER 11: RATIO, PROPORTION, & PERCENTCHAPTER 12: GEOMETRYCHAPTER 13: MEASUREMENTCHAPTER 14: PROBABILITY & STATISTICS(Wifi or 3G connection required)

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