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The Great Midwest Football League was formed in March 2007 with the idea of bringing respectability and professionalism back to adult amateur football in the Midwest. The Great Midwest Football League believes that with a certain kind of style and professionalism, it can change the minds of fans and sponsors about adult amateur football which is commonly known as Semi-pro and once again make it into a family oriented and entertaining sport which local fans, sponsors and media will not only find affordable but also appealing.With structured rules and guidelines, teams of the Great Midwest Football League have become fixtures in their communities. Teams are now recruiting the right types of players and teams are being heavily screened and evaluated by the League's board of directors before they are granted acceptance into the Great Midwest Football League.The Great Midwest Football League is a Spring/Summer League that typically starts in early June and runs through the first few weeks of September. Why is this done? History tells us it is not wise to try to compete with the NFL, High School and College Football for game times. By playing its games to the spring and summer months, the Great Midwest Football League does not conflict with NFL, High School or College games, which helps to strengthen the leagues fan base. What this also does is give the fans a more comfortable atmosphere to enjoy football and not worry about the cold and sometimes uncomfortable weather fall provides.Although the Great Midwest Football League is an adult amateur league, our players are able to enjoy highly competitive games in a professional atmosphere that the league provides. Players in the league range from all different kinds of talent levels. Some teams have ex-division 1 college players and ex-NFL training camp players on their rosters in fact; half of the players who play in the Great Midwest Football League have some college football experience.The fact that the Great Midwest Football League does NOT pay it's players and carries an amateur status; players who have college eligibility and would like to someday play college football do not have to worry about losing their college eligibility. All teams are however required to review NCAA rules and regulations before signing a player to their rosters.In closing; The Great Midwest Football League truly believes that there are several diamonds in the rough that just need to be polished to compete at the next level and with our vision of bringing respectability back to adult amateur football, the Great Midwest Football League has and will continue to take the necessary steps within its communities to strive for excellence both on and off the field. Considering all of the accomplishments that we have made through our history; we are clearly on the right path and invite you to take the next step forward with us.

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