GO Battery Saver & Widget


Battery Saver & Widget- over 15 Million downloads with a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars! GO Battery Saver & Widget is a Powerful, smart tool to reduce battery loss and prolong battery life by 50%. It intelligently manages your battery use to your own needs after configured. Why not just task a FREE try for several days? DOWNLOAD IT RIGHT NOW!!!?PowerfulWith one click, GO Battery Saver & Widget optimizes power consumption by managing wifi, mobile data, audio, Bluetooth, screen brightness, synchronization, apps and other battery draining component. It helps decrease power loss and prolongs battery life.?SmartWith pre-set modes and smart toggle control, GO Battery Saver & Widget enables you to configure the battery saving schedule to your unique needs. After configured, it runs by itself and intelligently switches modes, turns on/off toggles as with different battery level, phone status, or time. It can’t be easier!?Features to save battery:- pre-set 3 default and 2 custom modes to save battery- one key battery consumption optimization- smart mode switching by battery power/time- smart toggle on/off control when screen off- apps power consumption monitoring and analyzing- calls, reading, network, audio, video, phone idling endurance time calculating- battery temperature monitoring and abnormal status alert- battery information in status bar- white list to set the apps you don

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