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GO Launcher EX Theme penguins works only with GO Launcher EX, if you don’t have it, download for free from Google Play.Winter landscape with icebergs and sweet penguins in the background. Each of the penguins is different. One is floating on an ice floe, others are on the mainland. Family of penguins include marine species birds flightless (land only occur in the coastal zone) inhabiting cold sea in the southern hemisphere. Snowstorm is a Ice is a very dangerous blizzard. The most numerous around Antarctica and the neighboring islands and the coast of South America, most species around New Zealand. Penguins are black and white. The only species gnie?d??cym slightly north of the equator (the Galapagos) is a tropical penguin. White ice floe can be seen from the frozen sea Center is the Arctic ice-covered Arctic Ocean. It is surrounded by treeless land areas of przemarzni?tym ground and the mountains and hills. Despite this, the Arctic is teeming with life, which consists of a rich marine flora and fauna, birds and land animals – try this GOLauncherEX Theme.To apply the theme:1. Download Go Launcher EX from Google Play Market2. Press menu on phone3. Press "themes"4. Press the desired "theme" GO Launcher EX Theme PenguinsTo change the wallpaper: 1. Press Menu 2. Press Wallpaper3. Press Wallpaper GO.4. Press Wallpaper that you likeWhite, black, ice color surely captivate you!Try now Snow blue and gray style with tons of customization options.To change the icons:1. Press and hold icon where you want to change icon2. Press "Replace"3. Press icon that you likeCheck our other themes: GO Launcher EX Theme cloudsGO Launcher EX Theme PandaGO SMS PRO Theme treeGO SMS Theme Blue WhiteGO SMS Theme green natureGO Launcher EX Theme Blue LakeGO Launcher EX Theme SpringThis app will periodically present advertisements in your notification bar. The Permissions are for advertising… This is to support the development for this app. If you have issues with this, search in market an official airpush blocker, and use our themes without any advertising!Check other our GOLauncher EX Themes, GO SMS Pro Themes, and GO Locker, free themes.Themes are published all the time so check our developer account regularly.Style was created by WorkshopTheme

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