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"Godot" is a first-of-its-kind app of the modern existential form. It is specifically designed as a tutorial to help the user develop and appreciate this growing movement, and to grapple with its founding motivations. The app is designed to be appreciated and informative equally for users of all ages (4+) and levels of experience with this philosophical framework, by getting right to the core of these issues, rather than "dumbing it down".The app should download easily, but may have trouble loading, depending on your version of android. Please be patient if this occurs, and try to consider the nature of the problem before responding with feedback. But as always, feedback is greatly encouraged, as my goal is for "Godot" to become a defining app experience of its kind.This version is currently free and also ad-free, which I plan to change with later versions, so enjoy getting it in its early stages! Because this is a first-of-its-kind app, please do provide me with feedback so I can improve it and in the development of others.

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