Strategic board game.Play the ancient game Go (Weiqi, Igo, Baduk) against your computer.User interface for GNU Go (v3.8 included).GNU Go is an AI engine that plays Go at about 8 to 12 kyu strength.Features:- play against human or computer opponent- choose from one of ten AI strengths – different board sizes- adjustable handicap and Komi- Japanese and Chinese scoring rules- one-touch board zoom- support of move variations- unlimited undo/redo of moves- highlighting of last three moves- visualization of opponents final territory – auto save/load current game- save/load games (sgf format)- share current game (eg. via email attachment, google Drive, Bluetooth)- open external .sgf files with 3rd party apps (eg. from email attachment, file manager/SD card, Internet browser)- (English) description of game rules can be found in ‘Menu -> Info -> Game rules’Not seeing this text in your native language?Help to translate GOdroid to your language: it’s easy, just fill out a google docs/drive spreadsheet. Volunteers are very welcome.

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