God’s Healing Power


This motivational and instructional app will become instrumental in your ministry to the sick. It will help you record healings, and people you pray for or minister to, as well as giving you training tips to help you become more effective in seeing people healed. Also included are valuable resources such as videos, faith-building healing scriptures, and links to further information concerning healing.This app allows you to save those records of people who are healed, as well as people you are currently ministering to. You can email those testimonies/prayer requests, or save them into a note-taking program such as Evernote, or into your notes in YouVersion. This app requires an internet connection for some features to function.(CONCERNING THE LIST OF PERMISSIONS: This application DOES NOT make use of most of the permissions on the list, nor do we want it too. The developmental platform for this app hard codes these capabilities into the app to give flexibility for future updates. However, this app will NEVER use permissions such as reading/calling phone numbers, take pictures and video, GPS functions, read or modify your personal information, or delete other applications. The only permissions the app uses are to support the basic documenting features written above.)

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