In this game, you have to help FooCat cross the suspension bridge safely to the goal.?Gist of this game?Make sure FooCat speeds along the bridge without falling.Remember that FooCat must reach the goal before sunset.Watch out for whatever approaches FooCat from the sky.Each time FooCat successfully gets a bottle of milk, FooCat becomes invincible for a while.?Clues on how to use your phone effectively?Advancing: When you tilt your phone forward, FooCat advances along the bridge. (FooCat NEVER moves backward.)Moving to the right: Titling your phone to the right, FooCat will shift to the right.Moving to the left: Titling your phone to the left, FooCat will shift to the left.Jumping: Tapping the screen, you can make FooCat jump up.?Permission requested in this app?The following permission is requested for displaying ads:Network communication?Keywords?FooCat, BathingCat, Suspension Bridge, Game?Translation?English version by who?me?romi!

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