GOLauncherEx Theme PoisonGreen


****** Known Issue ******We are getting many people saying themes are not visible after installing on Jellybean roms.Please email our support address below, we will send you a copy of the theme for you to install.We are working on finding the fix to this, thank you for your patience**TeamCarbon**=== Poison Green ====== GoLauncherEx Theme ====== by TeamCarbon ===Matches other PoisonGreen Themes by TeamCarbon Check out our: GOSMS, GOWidget, GOContacts, GoKeyboard, ADWLauncher/EX AndroidProWidgets and CM7/CM9/CM10 ThemeChooser ThemesNow with 6 matched wallpapers and around 490 coded icons + 100 other icons in the icon pack to choose from.Icons in this theme are available and work as icon packs with both Nova Prime and Apex Launchers===>Important tips: 1. Make sure the latest version of GO Launcher EX has been installed! (Search

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