Golden Tarot


This tarot card.Kind of divination,One. Act ancient Celtic CrossAnswer me any problems.I am suitable for divine love.2. Surirottsu lawI’m good for three things when choosing.I will start in front of divination divination, left, middle, and imagine in your head right and three divine items.3. Alternative methodI’m good for two things when you choose.I will start in front of divination divination, imagine in your head from the two left, right and divine items.4. Horoscope lawI read the tea leaves are suitable for general.Predict various items at a time.5. One Card SpreadI have adapted to sense divine fortune, the fortune of the day.6. Three Card ReadingI’m suitable to predict the outcome of interest.7. Three pairs Cover & Cross ReadingI’m suitable to predict the outcome of interest.(Past, present and future of the flow of time than three-card reading, has been subdivided.)8. Reading pyramidI is suitable to solve the current problems.9. Crescent Moon SpreadI’m good (tomorrow), to predict any change in circumstances in the near future.10. Lovers bridge lawPredict the fate of the love of two people.Only love fortune-telling.Other deployment methods:11. I know thyself12. Reach the goal13. (The turning point of the man) Tropic of Capricorn14. (The turning point of the woman) Tropic of Cancer15. (Aid to deliberate) self-improvement16. Take the obstacle17. (Recognition of the problem) to travel outside the area18. (How do you follow) trip to the region in the19. Tree of Life (about 7 levels)20. (My health) chakra21. Chakra (body)22. Matching human spirit— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—For CandyHouse:I’m making a game for Android mainly.Translated using the translation Google.Apps for Android lists almost made CandyHouse.? Cards & CasinoAce collection of 100 different card gamesPlay alone (Card Game)Candy Chuang sparrow CandyHouseMedalMania medal maniaDaughter Bakuretsu medal Medals game mania ?Medal Mania 2 MedalMania 2Monday Mania MedalMania BreedMedal Bingo ManiaPinball Mania MedalNurse panic NursePanicJackPot Poker poker jackpotBIG and SMALL sizesAirplane Airplane Pachinko PachinkoPyramidSparrow ball Jan9Golden GoldenSlot slotLast one LastOnePoker Dice Poker Dice ? ki!? sports gamesMedalBowl bowling gameHockey Pool (PoolHockey)TapTap basketball? Arcade & ActionBattle SushiBattle sushiMonkey bananaGeisha Geisha Game playPanda ball PandaBall? puzzleJapanCheese Mania? LifestyleGolden Tarot Golden Tarot? Customizable (Live Wallpaper)Mr. Golden Golden3Mr. Goldfish Kingyo3MedalKingyo goldfish medalMower Mower— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—— 8 <—

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