GOLF TIPS, GOLF LESSONS AND GOLF INSTRUCTION WITH PGA TOUR PRO KEVIN STREELMAN"GOLF LIKE A TOUR PRO WITH KEVIN STREELMAN" FEATURED ON:Golf ChannelSports Illustrated – What’s HotUSA Today.comGolf WeekNBC-TV PhoenixTechNews ArizonaDID YOU KNOW THAT 90% OF POOR SHOTS BY AMATEURS ARE THE RESULT OF BAD SET-UPS, NOT POOR SWINGS?GOLF LIKE A TOUR PRO was created to help golfers of all handicaps score better on the course with concise golf instruction and a golf lesson that will reduce strokes with a more accurate golf swingKEVIN STREELMAN, a top 75 ranked Professional on the PGA Tour and ranked in the top 120 in the World, will show you how to hit 50 different shots. These are the kind of golf tips that golfer of all levels can use. He will cover everything from the tee shot to the fairway to the bunker to the green. Uphill, below the feet, deep rough, or buried in the sand…….How to do it is what this APP is all about.The difference between the Tour Pro and the everyday golfer is not just the money or the execution, but KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH THE SHOT. How to align your feet? Where to aim? Where the ball should be set up? Even the correct club to use.Kevin analyzes each situation and gives you the proper set-up in summary form as well as the strategic adjustments needed to make that good shot. You will see how the laws of physics combined with proper mechanics will make you a better golfer.You will also get a Pro Tip from Kevin for each shot. Kevin will even show you and talk you through what the set-up should look like with our enhanced video feature. You can even see Kevin hit the shot in slow motion.But best of all, you can take your Smartphone on the course and quickly look up what you should do in seconds with just a couple of touches. No more trying to remember what a book or video told you to do. You can even sit in the airport or on the plane and review from your Smartphone.Its cost is less then a sleeve of balls!!!Visit us at HYPERLINK "" www.ssquaredgolf.comFeatures:Shot selection from 9 different locations on a hole:Tee; Fairway; Rough; Fairway Bunker; Water; Pitching; Chipping; Greenside Bunker; Putting50 shot set-ups from different lies:Uphill; Downhill; Ball above feet; Ball below feet; Divots; Deep Rough; Chip and run; Flop; Hardpan; Buried bunker; Under lip; Double break putts; etc.Analysis of each situation and what adjustments and why you need to make them to hit the best shotA special golf tip from Kevin that emphasizes the key elements that the Pro’s always think about when preparing a shotA video that shows the proper set-up for all the shots with audio explaining exactly how to do itA separate slow motion video that shows Kevin executing the shotThe ability to pause throughout both videos to study the shot techniquesAn easy review of all summaries, lies, and strategies with just a slide of the screenAbility to create a favorites folder for those frequent shots on the course and at the driving range**SIGN UP FOR KEVIN’S NEWSLETTER AT WWW.SSQUAREDGOLF.COM FOR HIS TOUR UPDATES, TIPS AND OTHER GREAT SURPRISE STUFF**GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, GOLF

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