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The fourth in a quadruple suite of golf applications that attempt to help all golfers anywhere, any handicap. The aim is to knock five shots minimum off your handicap in one season, given that you try to run with it and not against it. Go with the flow and see how you go. ;-)other 3 apps are on the more link to your left ;-)All the apps take account of golf psychology.This fourth application concentrates on winning.You have all the practical knowledge now. You have the mental tools. you have the match experience. now how to actually win.I had polio in my arm when 6 and have one or two other bits and pieces a bit odd, so my swing is not video’d for its beauty, nor copied for its style.But i know how to win. i always have and i always will win things.Its not altogether something that can be taught, as some of it comes from deep inside, but in this module i can point out some of the obstacles to developing a winning mentality, and offer ways to overcome or get round them.I have not been writing these modules and just talking the talk, in the six years ive been back into golf i have won quite a bit at every stage of my journey back to improving my handicap.My aim myself this year is to do the same as you, drop five shots or so following these modules ideas. lets see if we cant all give it a go and acheive that by feb 2014 ;-)Remember, It takes whatever swing you have, whatever grip you have, whatever stance you have, whatever posture and ball position you have, and will still try to reduce your handicap by five shots in a season. This is not by magic, but just by common sense, and just requires you, and your having an open mind to fresh ideas.I played reasonably well to age 25, but i was heavily into work, football and cricket, so i decided to retake up golf at 55 when i had the time, six years back.i have had to pretty much relearn everything from scratch, starting for two years at a municipal, winning a few things then moving on to a nine hole private course, winning a bit more here and there and reducing the handicap. Then i felt pretty bad for a while which turned out id had a heart attack, so i moved to a much bigger club (which was also flat πŸ˜‰ ) after two years there i’m starting to win a few things again.Along the way i had to examine every aspect of these four modules, and progress to where i am now.i started back off 20, got down to 5 before heart attack, popped back up to 12 and now i’m back down to 11. ;-)i’m 61 and i wont be pulling up any trees, but i thought it might help others out there at varying levels within these modules move on up to finishing the four modules.there’s few better feeling than significantly improving at golf.Within these modules we will certainly discuss your golf game, and fitness, weight, gadgets, targets, grip, stance, ball position and line up, but even if you change none of these, the full module of four golf applications should still reduce your handicap substantially over a years golf, if followed with a fresh mind and a view to improve.These four golf modules are priced at a pound each, to subsidise the rest of the website, which is pretty much devoted to free self help pages for people needing assistance with weight problems, addictive problems and stress related problems, and the teddy bear fun adventure pages designed to cheer everyone up. Plus pages for friends businesses who would have got ripped off otherwise by unscrupulous web "developers" πŸ˜‰ the website only gets 70p in the pound of that, but it helps pay the bills ;-)i hope you enjoy the modules and that they help you improve your game ;-)Malcolm Pugh – Stiffsteiffs teddy bears – jan 2013

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