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The 'Golf Quickscore +' scorecard supports up to 4 players, teams, multiple scoring formats and GPS functionality. Suitable for both traditional and disc golf. Designed for quick and easy entry of the number of strokes played so that less time is spent staring at your phone and more time is spent playing golf.FEATURES:* Scoring for Stroke play, Stableford and Modified Stableford, Match play (incl. Irish Match Play for 3+ players), Skins, Par/Bogey Competitions.* GPS Rangefinder - shows distance to pin, shot distance or measure to any point on the course.* Performance Charts - see how your game improves (or not!)* CONGU/USGA Handicap Calculator* Teams. Play 2 vs 2, 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1* Emailable scorecardsDuring a round, the shots taken by each player are entered directly onto the scorecard with just a couple of taps. No more flicking between screens.The net score for Stroke Play, points for Stableford and Modified Stableford, or the current position for Match Play games are calculated instantly as data is entered (taking into account any strokes received). And at the end of the game, the scorecard may be emailed to yourself and fellow players.From the scorecard screen, it is also possible to easily see a chart of your past performance on a particular hole or tee. Plus, see your current distance from the pin directly from the scorecard. Or measure the distance of your last shot. Alternatively, view a satellite view of your current position and measure the distance to where you want your next shot to end up (including lay up shots if required).Why pay for the data on 1000's of golf courses when you only play a few? Enter the details for the courses you play, quickly and easily, directly on your phone. The range finding feature may also be configured on your phone or, for situations where Google Maps data is not suitable, as you play.Golf Quickscore+ may be switched between USGA and UK/IRL modes and will adjust terminology and handle handicapping accordingly. In USGA mode, handicap indexes are converted to Course Handicaps automatically. Supports both UK/IRL style scorecards (hole numbers down the side) or US style (hole numbers across the top).Use the handicap calculation feature to work out your (unofficial) handicap or handicap index and see how this changes as more playing data is added (including a walkthrough of the calculation).View the statistics for the rounds you've played and see how your average score over or under par changes as more rounds are recorded.-------------------Need longer than 15 minutes to try out Golf Quickscore+?If this app does not quite suit your needs then please email your name and Google order number to within 24 hours of purchase and we will happily refund your payment.

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