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Just When You Thought You Had Seen It ALL … Now, Just Released For 2011, Here Is The Android Powered Golf WIND MONITOR and No Doubt Your Friends and Especially Your Golf Buddies, Will Just Be Amazed Too!With Very Easy To Use Navigation, Simply Point The Device Into The Wind To Set The Prevailing Wind Direction, Such As When You Are At The Driving Range Just Before Playing A Round or Anywhere In An Open Area Where You Can Best Feel The Wind. That’s it, it’s just that simple.Then, anytime you find yourself anywhere on the course buffered by trees, changing elevations or any other obstacles which make it difficult to feel the wind before you take your next swing, just touch the Wind Monitor Golf Ball Icon on your screen and then you will see clusters of leaves cascading across the screen in the same wind direction you had set earlier, when you were actually able to feel the wind. You can continue to use your smart phone as usual or even turn it off, because the Golf Wind Monitor will always remember your last wind setting too!Does the Golf Wind Monitor Conform To The Rules of Golf? The Developer Has Not Yet Obtained an opinion from any golf organization, but may provide future updates in that regard.However, keep in mind, the Golf Wind Monitor does nothing more than record a golf player’s own personal observations about the direction of the wind and then recall that same information on demand, which is not much different than what some player’s already do with a note pad and map in hand.Actually, some professional golfers and/or their caddies, are smart enough to take along a map of the course they will be playing which accurately illustrates the course layout for every hole on the course and once they can determine the wind direction from the driving range for example, they take a pencil and mark up the entire map with parallel arrows depicting the wind direction. Later, wherever they may find themselves on the golf course in doubt about wind direction, they simply pull their course map out of their pocket, to see how they had penciled in the wind arrows crossing over the particular hole they may be playing. But what can be smarter than having your Android Powered Smart Phone at your side with the the Golf Wind Monitor doing it all for you!As an added bonus if you have a streak for pulling pranks on your friends, even if you are not on the golf course at the time …. Just pre-set the Wind Direction beforehand, such as in an open parking lot for example and then when you meet with your friends and are showing off your Android Smart Phone, demonstrate how your phone can even display the current wind direction and watch their jaws drop open with surprise as the leaves blow across the screen on your smart phone!Actually, the Golf Wind Monitor is capable of accuracy within one degree, but is dependent on the internal compass mechanism of the device being used and the quality/accuracy of the internal compass mechanisms do vary widely from device to device. Of course many mapping applications in use today, also depend on the internal compass of a device. Keep in mind too, nearby electrical influences can sometimes interfere with a device compass. In some cases, a device compass may seem to be stuck in an erratic mode of behavior (with any application) but we can offer the following tip … While we can not confirm this commonly discussed solution, it does seem to work when trying to recalibrate a device compass … Carefully hold the device in front of you at nearly arms length (away from other people or obstructions) and then wave the device in a figure eight motion several times.Most importantly, we hope the Golf Wind Monitor saves you many birdies on the Golf Course!Sponsor Note: The developer is seeking a sponsor who may be interested in displaying their own branded golf ball in place of the generic golf ball now displayed within this application. Contact:

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