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This application will format all of your phone numbers in your Google account based on your desired format. The application will also fix invalid birthdays. New features...Add missing phone numbers and email addresses which are not in your Google account. If this option is selected, all of your linked contacts from Microsoft Exchange, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Qik, Twitter, etc. will now be available in your Google account. Remove duplicate phone numbers and email addresses.Available Formats:Numbers OnlyNumbers Only With Optional PlusNumbers Only With Required PlusTen Digit NumberTen Digit Number With ParenthesisOne Plus NumberOne Plus Number With ParenthesisOne Plus Number With Parenthesis And Plus SignThree Plus 8 With Parenthesis(other formats could be added if needed)Please email all feedback, suggestions, or issues to googlecontactformatter@tyenee.com1.5Enabled option to add missing phone numbersEnabled option to remove duplicate phone numbers1.4Added log warningAdded licensing verification1.3Removed Latvia FormatAdded Numbers Only With Optional PlusAdded Numbers Only With Required PlusAdded option to remember email addressAdded option to remember passwordAdded Eula1.2Fixed login error.1.1Initial Release

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