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DON'T BUY THIS APPLICATION WITHOUT TRYING THE FREE VERSION. THIS APP MIGHT NOT WORK ON ALL DEVICES. THAT'S WHY YOU NEED TO TEST OUT THE FREE VERSION FIRST. IF APP DOESN'T WORK ON YOUR DEVICE, NO NEED TO SEND AN EMAIL. IT MEANS IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOUR DEVICE. EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THIS APPLICATION IS NOT BEING MONITORED.GV SMS Integration is an app that seamlessly adds Google Voice messaging capabilities (Send and Receive) to Android’s built-in SMS system. With the app, SMS can be sent via your Google Voice number in addition to carrier number right in system’s SMS app; new incoming GV messages are notified and processed as system's SMS alongside with carrier SMS. Enjoy a true free unlimited SMS messaging experience with your favorite SMS app, including the built-in MobileSMS.Now the extension supports receiving Push notifications from Official GV App as native SMS messages. It's fully compatible with Google 2 Step Authentication.Google Voice SMS Integration will integrate your GV account with your Android. It will allow you to send and receive text messages via the stock messaging & GoSMS Pro messaging application.It uses your data plan for sending and receiving text messages. For paying only $4.99 one time, you will have free text plan via Google Voice on your phone.Since GV SMS Integration uses your data plan / WIFI to send and receive text messages, you won't be charged by your carrier. (Note : This is true only for sending and receiving text messages via Google Voice. If you receive a text to your regular number, you will still be charged by your carrier.)You can setup a list to send text messages to certain contacts via Google Voice, and other ones via your carrier.You can also reply to texts based on where the text was received from. If you receive a text to your Google Voice number, your reply will automatically go from your GV account. If you receive a text to your carrier number, your reply will go through the carrier.Google Voice application needs to be installed on your phone in order to use this application.Since this app integrates with Android system, it won't work on some of the custom/modified Android ROMs. If you are running on a custom ROM, you can install the free version of the app first to make sure it runs on your phone.If you don't know what a custom or modified ROM is, then you most likely have stock android rom on your phone, and this application will work fine on your phone. Thank you for your understanding.This application pretty much does the same thing as GV Extension on iPhone.NOTES : Popup notifications in GoSMS is not supported yet. You will receive a regular notification instead in GoSMS.

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