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This Application contents are from Gosung Cyber Park.(Http://www.dinopark.net)If you will download this application, you can find information about dinosaur and you will be fun that you are using Catch Dino, Puzzle Dino in my cell phone. - Gallary(갤러리) 1. Provide 46 kind of Dino information. 2. You will know about definition of Dino name, Eat, Period etc. 3. Unfortunately, This version is not support English description. It will be update soon. - Catch Dino 1. You can touch dino when it will up for 30 second. 2. You can choose the level. 3. You can hear kinds of sound. - Puzzle Dino 1. You have 46 choices. 2. You can choose 3*3, 4*4, 5*5, Custom. 3. When you will finish the puzzle, you can hear the sound of Dinosaur. - Direction 1. It provides how to come 2012 Gosung Dino Expo. 2. it will update that how to come Gosung Dino museum.* This application is good for 3.6 inch ~ 4.2 inch. What if you have another size of phone, you can see incorrect scene.

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