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★TOP 50 TOOLS APP★ TOP RATED SECURITY APP ON GOOGLE PLAY★ FEATURED ON FOX NEWS AND DAILY MAILGotYa! is the #1 security app to protect your device (anti-theft protection) and your loved onesWant to know who stole your device?Want to make you and your loved ones safer?Want to find where you left your device?Want to know if your husband is using your device?Yes, GotYa! is your choice to find and protect your device! It's the best alternative to mobile insurance to protect your device.★ Gotya helps you find out who stole your deviceIt takes a silent snapshot through the front facing camera of the criminal who is attempting to use your device.After taking the picture, it acquires the location of your device and then send it with the time stamped picture and your device location (Google map link) to your email or Facebook!Friendly Mode when enabled, will allow access to your device after a few wrong attempts, optionally sending the device location in the background and taking picture every time the user is present. This way the thief will potentially keep using the device to call friends. This mode can be useful for WiFi-only devices (like tablets), since it will allow the thief to configure an access point.No service is needed : it only started on wrong login. It does NOT start long running services, except for sending emails. But it will shuts down as soon as finished.You were looking for an equivalent to find my iphone? Gotya is actually much better!Most common uses:finding who stole your phone, locating a lost phone, locating a friend, finding a friend, tracking a family member, locating each other on trips, avoid getting lost on trips or events, locating of husband/wife (spouse tracking), locating of children/kids, tracking kids on trips/daily activities such as going to the mall, just locate someone for fun or get peace of mindREVIEWS★ ★ ★ ★ ★"It's not only handy for stolen phones. It's great for office workers who suspect others are trying to access their phone when they leave it unattended" - Fox News"This app is a must have!" - Jeremy G."The accuracy of location detection is superb" - Amanda D.OUTSTANDING FEATURES TO PROTECT YOUR DEVICE★ FULL size image capture★ Remote SMS commands: location request, play alarm, callback request, lock device, unlock device★ Friendly mode★ Email/Facebook notifications support with location★ Smart screen ON capture trigger★ Queued system notifications support★ 24 HOURS REFUND POLICY - NO QUESTIONS ASKEDGotYa! can be controlled through simple remote SMS commands:★ Lock/Unlock your device★ Request a location★ Request a callback★ Play an alarm sound (even if muted)★ Be notified on SIM change★ ★ ★ If you have any question, please send us an email: support@myboyfriendisageek.com - We respond personnally to every email ★ ★ ★★★★ FAQ ★★★Q: I have a pin code on my SIM card. Is it the same ?R: NO. Please set up a screen lock.Q: How to setup a screen lock ?R: Go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Set up screen lockQ: Which screen lock is supported (pattern, pin code, password...) ?R: All of them. No restrictionsQ: I can't uninstallR: To uninstall, please first disable GotYa!Q: I'm not receiving email alertsR: Please first double check your settings. Use the "Send a test email" button. Don't forget to look at your SPAM folder. You can also contact us.Q: Location is missing / How do I increase the location accuracy ?R: First, be sure that the network location provider is enabled. To achieve a better accuracy, the GPS needs time : go to the advanced settings, and try to raise the location timeout while lowering the desired accuracy to something acceptableTags: anti theft, where is my droid, wrong login, wrong password, igotya, device stolen, phone locator, phone tracker, mobile locator, find my phone, spyphone, phone protection, mobile insurance, find my iphone, lookout, avast, kaspersky

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