GoWidget ICS Holo Light theme


Theme for GoWidgetYou must have GoLauncher and GoWidgets installedDont know how to change theme on gowidgets? – long press on the widget (see picture)This is not a standalone widget, need Golauncher and Gowidgets to work. When downloaded, don’t press open. It will crash, long press on your widgets to apply theme or add a new widget and choose the theme there.Widgets supported- Default Search widget (notice!! Default. It is to be found in google play- Not in Gostore)- Calendar (2×2 & 4×4)- Contacts (2×4 & 4×4)- Switch (1×1 & 4×1)- Twitter (4×1 & 4×4) (1.2)- Taskmanager (4×1,4×2,4×3) (1.3)- Email (4×4) (1.4) tags; ICS, ice cream sandwich, holo, light, simple, theme, GoWidget, Go Widget, light, white, bright, simple

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