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If you are a VFR pilot and want to look out the window rather than interpret obtuse navigation devices, then this is the tool for you. Power up your phone, push NEAREST for the nearest 50-100 runways, push the runway you want and follow instructions, verbally if you wish. The VFR shows a single Right or Left and the number of degrees. That is simple. VFR also shows Ground Track, Bearing, Ground Speed, Altitude, Distance to Airport and Estimated Time of Arrival at current speed.VFR has a world database of Airports and can find airports by ICAO or words from the Description. Eg "paris" would return 25 runways to select from.All this for the price of a gallon of Av Gas.The VFR+ is a very simple, cheap, Digital Navigation System for private pilots. It includes a NAVIGATE page that will guide you to any world airport. This APP can by itself guide you anywhere in the world in VFR conditions.The VFR+ has a point logging feature. While flying every 30 seconds a Lat/Lon point is stored along with Altitude and Ground Speed. The Point Log can be emailed to your computer and opened with Excel or other compatible program. A hyper link is included to see that location on Google Maps.The VFR+ has an automatic LogBook capability which saves pilot time and improves accuracy by automatically keeping your in air time. The Log Book stores your flight hours as well as your Type Aircraft and Tail Number. The Log Book can be viewed on the phone or emailed to any computer of your choice. If necessary, you can start and stop the Time logger manually.If you encounter any installation errors, please contact us via email as soon as possible. We want to be available for support when you need it.AUTOMATIC LOGBOOKThe Automatic Logbook feature uses a ground speed value greater than 30KTS to determine when you rotate and a speed value less than 5 KTS to determine when you have landed.USING THE AUTOMATIC LOGBOOK.There may be times when this method will not be accurate due to GPS not reporting SPEED when the GPS signal is lost. So it is possible to manually override the start and end of your flight. To manually START and STOP, simply push the "Automatic Logging button" to switch to Manual Logging. The ICON to the right will change to a "Push To Start Logging" button. Doing so will start the logging timer and change the legend to "Push to Stop Logging" with a blue background. The "Push to Stop Logging" button stops the Logging of time. Note that the box is BROWN when not logging (ground) and blue when logging time (in the Blue Sky).How to set the TYPE aircraft and TAIL number.These fields can be entered from the start screen. Tap the entry you want to change and when you return they will be saved and stored into your logBook. Latitude and Longitude Entries If the GPS is not locked when you perform a manual start, the LAT and LON entries will be Zero(0)For further information, please email us at or call us at 650-323-0148

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