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GPS Map is a free app that allows you to create, view, import and export locations on a map powered by Google Maps on Android devices. Tour your Tracks on Google Earth! After using Menu, My Place, Start Recording Track, going somewhere and then Menu, My Place, Stop Recording Track that track can now be shown on on Google Earth Tour. Using Menu, More, Tracks, selecting a Track, Tour on Google Earth lets you build a custom tour.You can customize the distance (range) and angle of the Google Earth camera. Time scale the tour from approximately the original to 1/100 of the original speed. Export to a file, share with another app, or view in Google Earth your custom tour.Use almost any image from your Camera, Gallery, or file browsing app to create a Marker for a Placemark on the map. Images containing location information can be imported as Placemarks with their image as the Marker on the map.GPS Map has the following features:* My Location - a button over the map to allow you to center the map over your location.* Placemarks - a button over the map to allow you to center the map over the last Placemark that you selected.* Layers - a button over the map to display a popup window to allow you to toggle the visibility of My Location, Placemarks, Satellite, Traffic, Track, and Route layers.* Google Earth - export your Placemarks, Routes, and Tracks to Google Earth* Latitude - integrated with Google Latitude (part of Google Maps). Allows you to update your current Latitude location using either your real location, or a Mock Location. Allows importing your history of Latitude locations as Placemarks.* Tracks - record your location over time and later view your Track colored according to your speed, or the color that you choose. Tracks can also be exported to KML and viewed in applications like Google Earth.* Placemarks - mark and geodecode your current location with a Placemark and your own photo or image* Change Location - change the location of a Placemark by pressing a new location on the map* Mock Location - allows use of any Placemark to act as your current location* Compass Mode - rotates map to face north instead of My Location arrow* Images - import images for Markers, import Images with GPS Information as Markers and Placemarks, view images, select default image for new Placemarks, or delete images.* Markers - Manage Placemarks by Marker, and filter for Main Map, Placemark list, and Export Placemarks.* Navigation to selected Placemark with your navigation application.* Search - input text with an address, landmark name, or latitude, longitude to search for a location to geodecode and Placemark.* Search nearby - search nearby a Placemark location for keywords like "Pizza" and have them displayed.* Routes - Display route to the selected Placemark on the map from your real or Mock location. Import from Google Earth (KMZ) or GPS Map (KML) routes.* Street View - Google Street View for selected Placemark, if location is available.* Import/Export your Placemarks - GPSMap GPS, Garmin CSV, Geocode GEO, Google Earth/Google Maps KML,GPS Exchange GPX filesand TomTom ASCII (Upgrade to GPSMap Pro to be able to import Placemarks).- Import from Google Latitude (even GPS Map)- Export to Google Fusion Tables* Database Management - Import, Export or Reset the database of Placemarks, Markers, Images, Tracks, and Track Points. - Export Placemarks using a typed path, file management or email application - Import Placemarks using a typed path, file management (GPS Map Pro) - Other applications Share images to GPS Map/GPS Map Pro to import an image as a Marker and/or Placemark - Browser can Share a KML download link to GPSMap/GPS Map Pro to import Placemarks.Works best with:* Google Earth, Google Maps, Latitude and Google Street View installed.* Active Gmail account for Google Drive (Fusion Tables).GPS location service enabled.Visit for more information.

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