Application created to use and configure the GPS locators Xexun brand as well as the mark of his most famous clone. ZYInternational.With this application you control the following devices. -In Xexun: TK101, TK 102, TK 102-2, TK-103-2, TK201, TK 201-2, TK202, TK203, TK 206 and XT008 -In XYInternational Limited: TK102B, TK103 (old version), TK103 (new version), TK103A, TK103B, TK104, TK106, TK106A, TK106B, TK201, TK202, TK203, TK008 TK206 andTHE APPLICATION functionality: -Supports all device features -multiple devices (In the free version only one device) -Historic sent messages -View map of the location of all devices -View map of your own position -Mode view map on google maps -Satellite mode view in google maps -See the coordinates of the devices -Audible alarm with the reception of messages (configurable) -Ability to call the devices -Photographs to identify each device -Technical support. If you have any problems with the application or want to work for another brand and device contact usWe hope you enjoy this application. Thank you!( ¡¡¡¡ Fixed bug in GPS location !!!!)

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