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Grocery Gadget – The Ultimate Shopping System!Android version of top iPhone Shopping List App over 2 years on the market, recognized by major media, journalists, bloggers, and reputable reviewers – learn why at time and money. Be organized at home and efficient at the supermarket. Stop rebuilding shopping lists – just reuse them. Stop calling your spouse – share via sync.☑ Arrange products like your pantry, refrigerator, laundry room☑ App automatically learns item order as you shop. Or, arrange aisles manually.☑ Sync shopping lists with spouse, attack supermarket 2x as fast! ☑ Sync supports Android, iPhone, iPad, more to come☑ Picture is worth a 1000 words: Never bring home the wrong product☑ FREE online portal for faster input:☑ FREE cloud backup while signed into a “group account”☑ Import data from other apps, recipes, csv files: GroceryGadgets.comLearn more at GroceryGadgets.comUpgrade to Paid version if you need more features:☑ Don’t type – scan barcodes, or use built-in list of frequent items☑ eCoupons – Match coupons to shopping items to save money☑ Multiple Shopping Lists, arrange different projects☑ Multiple Stores – Create lists across multiple stores☑ Color Pricing – Compare item prices across storesDo you need help or have suggestion? Email us – support is always available. Grocery Gadget – Serious Shopping Simplified

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