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Grocery TrackerNot just another shopping app,It's a complete grocery management system!A powerful shopping app.A powerful Inventory management system.At its simplest, GT is an easy to use shopping list app that can be used to create Shopping lists for use at the store.But it doesn't stop there. GT provides many powerful features to handle most power-users needs.You can manage your groceries (or anything) from purchase, to knowing what's on hand, to building recipes and menus.In fact, many small business's use it to manage their business inventory.Features:Create multiple shopping lists with custom categories and user defined Aisle Sorting per List.Track your inventory, shopping history, item prices, and coupons.Create recipes and weekly menus and link to your products.Always available "Reorder List" shows just what you need.Track personal coupons and apply to your shopping list.Display individual product costs and total shopping list price, including coupon discounts and taxes.Backup to the cloud or External memory (SD-card).Share shopping lists, inventory and your product catalog between devices.Includes a complete history sub-system to show what you are buying and where.Track Nutritional Data.Novice and Advanced Tabbed Interface( See Settings to change )And so much more!Take the time to learn it, it's worth it!Please visit: help and instructions!Questions:*** Please contact developer directly with any feature requests or issues found. Issues left in the Android Market do not allow me to respond and resolve them.----------------------------------Even more user suggestions added!Better ICS support!Better Tablet support!Coupons now Search enabled!Nutrition Data!Menu History!Use External scanner if scanning issue is found!

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