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每日推出全台各地美食餐廳、度假飯店、美容SPA、電影院等人氣好康3折起!GROUPON 台灣酷朋 Android版讓您隨時隨地盡情享受超省錢好生活!功能介紹1. 設定:每日好康通知。利用GROUPON 台灣酷朋 App的推送功能,設定好喜歡的地區,就能接收到每日新上檔的團購好康訊息,再也不用擔心限量好康搶不到!2. 每日好康:隨時隨地輕鬆看到超人氣團購好康,走到哪,看到哪,再也不用擔心出門在外看不到囉! 3. 好康列表:輕鬆掌握每天的所有團購好康檔次,把握每一次省錢機會!Daily launched all over Taiwan gourmet restaurant, resort hotel, beauty SPA, cinema and other popular Guaranteed 3 fold!The the GROUPON Taiwan Cool Ban for Android lets you anytime, anywhere to enjoy the good life super save money!Features1 set: daily goodies notice. GROUPON cool Peng App push function, set good like region, will be able to receive to buy Guaranteed messages a day on the new file, and no longer have to worry about limited Deals & grab!Daily View: anywhere easily see the super popular buy Guaranteed, they go, to see what, no longer have to worry about away from home do not see the Hello!Goodies list: easily mastered daily buy Guaranteed grade, to grasp every save money opportunities!

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