Gurmukhi Keyboard


Provides input method (Keyboard) in Gurmukhi Locale with dictionary support. Automatically toggles to Gurmukhi mode with my application called "Gurbani Searcher". Please follow following steps to enable the keyboard:-Android version < 4.01. Settings–>click Language & Keyboard on phone2. Select Gurbani keyboard from the list.3. Go to Gurbani Searcher application(or any text field)4. Long click on the text field.5. Select Inputmethod6. Select Gurmukhi keyboard.7. System will display warning, press "OK"8. Go back to the application and swipe on "spacebar" to toggle between Punjabi and English. One can also enable other locales by going to settings of Gurmukhi Keyboard.Android version 4.0 (ICS)1. Settings–>click Language & Keyboard on phone2. Select Gurbani keyboard from the list.3. System will display warning, press "OK"4. Enable Gurmukhi keyboard as default keyboard in settings.HTC Sense UI users OS version 4.0 and greater (ICS)(Thanks to Harkamal Singh Sandhu for the instructions below:-)1. Once the keyboard is installed, do a hot reboot.2. You cannot long press or swipe through the keyboards to find Gurmukhi keyboard.3. When the keyboard is activated, you will get an icon on the top, which is of a keyboard. Drag this down and you can change the input method from HTC Sense Input to Gurmukhi.Please note that without the above steps, the keyboard will not show and by design(android feature), the keyboard will not get listed in application. Please do not rate the application in ignorance, I would suggest to read the instructions and enable it correctly and after doing due diligence and rate it. A bad rating out of ignorance may prevent others genuine users to take advantage. BTW, the above set of steps are applicable for any android keyboard and that’s how android allows to plugin other keyboard. Also I would like to impress upon the fact that Android by default has no support for Punjabi fonts and this keyboard doesn’t provide any magic to enable non-cooperating application to start supporting Punjabi fonts. This keyboard helps cooperating application (like Gurbani Searcher) to type in Punjabi fonts. I would like to re stress that the participating application should provide support for Punjabi fonts for this keyboard to work in harmony with it.Regards,-Surinder Pal SinghTags: Punjabi Keyboard, Gurmukhi Keyboard, Gurbani Keyboard, Gingerbread keyboard.

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