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This application is a simple Hackful RSS feed reader, with access to frontpage, new and ask feeds, as well as Hackful post page and Hackful post link.You can find my blog at http://dsthode.info and my Twitter stream at http://twitter.com/dsthodeHow to use:--------------------------This application supports both tablets and phones, with different layouts for each one.If you are on a tablet, you have a list of posts on the left side. Clicking on one will open the post link on the right side, and with a long press a dialog will pop with two options: open post link (the linked page in the post) or open post page (the Hackful post page).If you are on a mobile phone, you will see just the list of posts, and by clicking on one the web browser will open and the post link will be loaded. If you make a long press, the same dialog with the same options as above will be shown.On the right side of the action bar are the buttons to load each feed posts, and the frontpage is loaded by default on the application startWhat is Hackful?--------------------------Taken straight from the page http://hackful.com/aboutA place for European entrepreneurs to share demos, stories or ask questions.developed by @8bitpalidea by @rayhanrafiq and @mattslighthosting donated by incite ictBorn out of the mailing list of a group called Open Coffee London, an amazing community of entrepreneurs helping each other everyday.We saw how open HackerNews is and thought we should give our European community more chance to flourish.Our next steps include- Local Event Calendars: Both local and major European events, localised based on user settings.- Local Angel Directories: Localised based on user settings.- More sharing, subscription and data exchange options: Opt-in digest emails, JSON API and more.The source code for this platform is available on Github. Contributions, bug reports and reasonable feature requests are welcome.We also hang out on IRC - #Hackful-Europe @ irc.freenode.net

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