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Learn how to style your hair without going to “hair salon”! Apply makeup like a pro and save money on expensive nail salon treatments by creating amazing designs at home! Hair, Nails and Makeup app will teach you how to do that!- Over 1150 photos, video tutorials and tips for beautiful hair!- More than 850 photos of cute nail arts and tutorials on creating them!- Over 250 tips for strong and healthy nails!- Over 1050 photos of stunning makeup looks and video tutorials showing how to achieve them!- More than 250 tips for choosing the right products and getting flawless, glowing skin!A hairstyle refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human head. It can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion and cosmetics. Women also often wear glittery ornaments today, as well as claw-style barrettes used to secure ponytails and other upswept or partially upswept hairdos. Before heading for a new haircut in the salon, people should figure out their face shape first, and then choose the one that flatters their face shape. It is often seen that people take a photo of their favorite celebrity's hairstyle to the salon, and ask their stylists to do the same for them. Hair dressing may include cuts, weaves and coloring. It also an include extensions, perms and permanent relaxers. And also includes curling and any other form of styling or texturing.Cosmetics include skin-care creams, powders, lipsticks and nail polish. As well as eye and facial, but it also includes permanent waves and hair colors, sprays and gels, and many other types of products. A subset of cosmetics is called "make-up," which refers primarily to colored products intended to alter the user’s appearance.Traditional colors were red, pink and brown, but modern polishes can now be found in any color. French manicures traditionally mimic the color of natural nails, using a clear, beige or soft pink polish with a white finish at the tips. Black has been a popular color of polish with goths, emo and punks of both genders since the 1970s, However Black and dark colors were a huge trend as early on as the 1930's.Polish forms and techniques have evolved beyond painting solid colors. One such example is the stamp products, which involve stamping colored polish designs. Popular design examples include as cheetah prints, flowers, and animal characters. There are also polishes that give a "crackled," intricate design when applied. Another new trend is magnetic polish. Upon application you hold the magnet that comes with it over the varnish for a wavy effect. Other forms of polish are polish strips, polished stickers. There are also decorations, such as rhinestones.Some types of polish are advertised to cause growth, make them stronger, prevent them from breaking, cracking and splitting, and to stop biting. Polish may be applied as one of several components in a manicure.Clear varnish is transparent and glossy layer which can make them appear clean and shiny. This type of polish can be used over other varnish for gloss or by itself, as can glitter polish. Similar to a clear varnish is an acrylic gel polish. This polish is much like the gel products used in salons, which is essentially a strong, clear top coat typically applied over a colored polish. The acrylic gel polish is more than just a glossy layer; the polish gives the underlying color polish support and protection from being easily chipped.

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