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EVIL CALCULATOR:How it works?Open the Evil Calc, give the calc to the victim, tell them to do some calculations, for example adding bills or something like that, when they pressed 20 keys (focused and looking at the results) the scary stuff pops in.VIBRATION + SCREAMS + EVIL FACE = Fun for you :)But you can ALSO USE IT AS A NORMAL EXCELLENT QUALITY CALCULATOR.Features:>Fully functional tape calculator with scrollable result tape.>Small font to force concentration on the user.>Evil scream designed to frighten the unsuspecting victim>The back button is disabled for ten seconds while the screamer is doing the job to avoid a reflex quit ;D>Full volume is set before activation and it’s restablished to the previous volume for comfort.<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>DON’T USE THIS ON PEOPLE WITH CARDIAC CONDITIONS OR HIGHLY STRESSED.NOT RECOMMENDED ON SMALL CHILDREN.WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE WITH WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS SOFTWARE.<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>IT DOES NOT END HERE!YOU GET A FULLY FUNCTIONAL TAPE CALCULATOR FOR THE SAME PRICE.Yes, but how do you avoid pranking yourself?********EASY!********JUST PRESS THE = BUTTON WHEN YOU START THE APP. THAT’S IT. SAFE.IN A NUTSHELL:1-OPEN THE APP.2-GIVE IT TO THE VICTIM WITH AN EXCUSE.3-WHEN IT REACHES 20 BUTTON PRESSES IT FIRES UP.4-Watch out!Great prank for coworkers, friends, enemys, schoolmates, teachers, people that pranked you before, and "people that is too tough to be scared by this silly app"IMPORTANT:THE RATING SYSTEM IS NOT FOR TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, PLEASE SEND YUR PROBLEMS TO working.classes (at) yahoo.comAND MORE IMPORTANTLY: WE HEAR ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE THE APP, SO PLEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK TO THE PROVIDED MAIL ADDRESS.Thank you and have fun!Search tags: Halloween, Screamer, Prank, Calculator, Tape Calculator, Screamer, Frightening, Funny reaction, funny, gore, blood, risas, chasco, chiste, terror, horror, evil, calc, joke, easy, school

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