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Halloween Scares!

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Scare your friends by asking them to take one of four seemingly innocent tests, only to have a big scary face come out and scream obnoxiously.Tests included:Reflex Test - Tap the screen when it turns green.Scary Mirror - Gaze into the mirror, what will you see? (hint: a scary face)Face Scan - Uses top of the line technology to create a digital image of your face by bouncing light off of your skin. (not really)Eye Test - Perform a legitimate eye examination! (nope)Of course, all of these tests and mini-games are fake. They're all designed to scare whoever you give the phone to.FEATURES:Customizable scare screens: Choose which scary face appears for each test OR CREATE YOUR OWN scare screen by taking a picture of your ugly mug.Choose between 3 different screams.Adjust the time each test will take before a scary face appears.Tablet compatible.scare your friend practical joke prank scary face screen frighten fright april fool's halloween jump eye test reflex eye test face scanner scary mirror

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