Halo:CE Timer


For those hardcore Halo:CE players that are still around, finally there’s a free option for your timing needs. For those of you that don’t know (and post about it in the app comments), this app is useful for keeping track of when power-ups and power weapons are going to spawn in competitive Halo:CE games. These items spawn at fixed rates (regardless of pickup or drop times), though the individual times can differ between maps. If you know these times, you can have a huge advantage over your opponents!The three-minute timer is only used on two maps; Hang’em High has a power-up on top of the catwalk that spawns on a 3:00 timer, and Rat Race’s camo spawns on a 1:30 timer. The 3:00 timer takes care of both of these with minimal screen clutter.Any feedback and/or requests for future updates are welcome and can be sent to me at ijpatter@ncsu.edu, posted on the MLG forums (http://forums.majorleaguegaming.com/topic/207743-h1-android-timer/), or you can PM me on the MLG forums (BOSSasCROTCH).Long overdue: BIG thanks to everyone for the input and advice when I started, especially Bonesaw, Crav3n, Seraph, Doc and Huchsky.Also, I do not own Halo. Don’t sue me!UPDATE– I am no longer releasing updates/patches for this application! I’ve heard there are problems on the myTouch 4g Slide, but I’m too busy these days to fix them. Sorry for the inconvenience!– Ian Patterson

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