Read and share more than 150 Subhashitha translations on your android phone. Hamsanaada android app provides an interactive and elegant way to read Sanskrit Subhashitaa translated to Kannada.Hamsanaada is a collection of Subhashithas translated to Kannada by author Hamsanandi. The printed book had came out in 2011. Hamsanaada android application consists of some assorted Subhashithas and presents it in an intuitive manner which enriches your reading experience.Hamsanaada app supports both ASCII and Unicode encoding for Kannada users. This means you can read Kannada text even in those android phones which does not support Unicode natively or do not have Kannada fonts.This application provides a number of features which makes reading and sharing the Subhashithas a delight. Some of them are:* Read Subhashithas flipping through your favorite categories.* Mark Subhashitha you like as favorite and it will be copied to the favorites folder.* Share your favorite Subhashitha on Facebook or Twitter with click of a button. Hamsanaada android application is developed by Saaranga Infotech LLP for Saaranga Media. If you like this app kindly encourage the effort by rating on Google play and with your comments.

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