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Handbook is a secure mobile document manager and presentation tool that offers a simple and confident way to bind together documents in a variety of media types. Handbook gives the Enterprise, small business, and consumer mobile users a confident way to share and present information both on and offline. Handbook is composed of two parts, Handbook Studio --A browser based application used to upload and manage content, and the Handbook Viewer, A mobile app used todisplay and present content. Key Features
-- On and Offline viewing- Optimized for Andriod, iPhone, iPad, and all iOS platforms - Annotate PDF files- Supports animated and dynamic HTML5 content - Create surveys and quizzes with built in questionnaire function- Enable group, content, and time-based access- Supports MS Office, iWork, images, HTML5 content, videos and audio files- Content control – create a time frame for viewing any kind of Handbook content- And much more! NOTE:
- A Handbook Studio account is necessary to use this app. Please visit http://www.infoteria.com/en/handbook/ to get started using Handbook today!

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