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Hands Free Camera Is...Perfect for:Self-portraits or group pictures, when you've got your hands full!Speech Mode:Say "Cheese" or any custom phrase to take a picture.Noise Mode:Clap your hands, snap your fingers, etc. to take pictures.Shake Mode:Shake your phone to take a picture with Auto Focus.Simple UI:No complicated settings options! Just point, speak and shoot!Voice mode uses Google's state of the art Speech recognition engine to take your picture when you got your hands full.Noise mode enables you to use the camera when Internet connection is not available or when you can't get your friends to shut their mouths.Shake mode lets you take pictures even in the noisiest environments where the microphone is no use. Take photos at concerts, frat parties or airport runways without breaking a sweat!Minimal user interface makes the voice camera a breeze to use. No more overly complicated settings options. Just point, speak and shoot!Update:We are aware that the application crashes on certain phones. Currently we're trying to track down the cause. If the camera crashes on your phone, please post a report with your cellphone's make and model in the comments. It'll help us isolate and fix all the bugs. Thanks.Update #2:We tried to make the Hands-Free Camera available to as many users as possible. However, from the Force Close reports, we realized the older phones, especially those running Eclair or Froyo Android versions, simply don't have enough resources for the camera to function properly.As of Hands-Free Camera v1.05 we're only supporting devices running Android 2.3 and up.

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