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Handwriting Memo(Schedule St.)

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Have you ever been frustrated by unfamiliar smartphone character input?With "Handwriting Memo for Schedule St.", you can input characters by drawing them on the screen.Paint apps and the like can yield a little bit of rough character input, but with "Handwriting Memo for Schedule St.", the character input line takes up half of the screen. This lets you enter large characters, and input detailed characters cleanly. ◆Type small characters cleanly in the ample input areaMaking the input area line larger allows clean input of small characters.◆50 icons are included to insert into textsNot just handwriting. 50 icons have been prepared to insert into texts. By inlaying icons, you can make dynamic notes. There are additional icons available for purchase as well. If the standard icons are insufficient, please try one of our various other icons.◆Changeable wallpaper designsYou can change the wallpaper design of notes. You can use different ones to suit your mood or purpose. ◆Note delivery to email or appsYou can attach handwritten notes to email as an image, or send it to other applications. You can attach and send handwritten letters packed with feelings via email.◆Connect to Schedule Street appointmentsBy purchasing paid items such as the icon pack, you can use handwritten notes as expanded info in the personal organizer app "Schedule St.". This will allow you to attach handwritten notes to appointments with ease.[Support OS]Android OS 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0■ELECOM Apps Web Site■Twitter■Facebook

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