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Need to beat your friends at Hangman games like Hanging With Friends? Just use Hanging With Cheaters and you will always figure out those tricky words.Features:A Word Guesser that provides a list of all possible words as well as suggests the best letter that should be the next guessA Word Picker that helps choose long or unusual words when selecting a word for your opponent to guessA dictionary to look up the meaning of all of the new words you’ll be playing (in case anyone calls YOU a cheater)Support for different word lists and the ability to customize min and max lengths of wordsGeneral Information:The word guesser and picker activities should be very easy to use while playing Hanging With Friends or other Hangman games and the help in the app can provide additional information.Use the Android multi-task capability to toggle between your word game and Hanging With Cheaters and then use the transparency slider to see the word game in the background.Please send all feedback and suggestions to support@fugisoft.com so we can improve the app for everyone!Keywords:word, game, app, cheat, cheater, solve, solver, helper, anagram, scrabble,hwf, hanging with friends, hangman, puzzleDisclaimer:All references to other word games are not meant to violate any copyrights or trademarks but are merely used as a means to aid the user in playing those respective games.

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