Hangman Challenge


This is a fun and addictive version of the Hangman game. Besides the normal rules you are given new words until you make 5 mistakes. Every game is scored giving you the chance to top you best performance."No.1 free app in the Romanian market"SPECIFICATIONS:- Guess the word with a maximum of 5 errors. – For every guessed word you receive a bonus and a chance to guess another one.- Scoring system for evaluating each performance.- Submit your score online and compete with others.- Receive achievements by completing numerous challenges.- Lots and word lists.- Choose the theme that best suits you.- Enable/disable hanged man animations- Choose the alphabetical or qwerty keyboard.- General stats about all your games.- Multi-player option with a friend. Game type sudden death, first one to miss a word… loses.- Use the game lists or enter your own words for your opponent.- Play against the clock.- Move to SD function- LOTS OF FUNKeywords: hangman, challange, cioraneanu, happyface, happyfacedevs

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